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Tuition and Fees

Nakano Campus Pre-school for 2024

item cost Inclusion Period remarks
Application Fee 2-year-old class 35,000 yen
3-year-old class 150,000 yen
At the time of the enrollment procedure includes initial annual equipment costs
Monthly Tuition 2-year-old class 44,000 yen*
3-year-old class 25,000 yen*
End of previous month Enrollment begins the day after the child's second birthday.
*School Year 2024-2025 Discounted Tuition
The tuition for 3-year-old class here is the amount you will be responsible for after receiving free childcare subsidy of 37,000 yen from the government.
School Year 2024-2025 full Discounted Tuition for 3-year-old class is 62,000 yen.
Other T-shirt
3,800 yen
class hat 1,600 yen
Extended Day Care Fee (Monthly payment) 7,000 yen/month End of previous month Pre-registration is required by the end of the previous month.
(1 time) 7,000 yen/trip at all such times One time fee without pre-registration.
charge for a meal (usu. at school) 9,000 yen/month End of previous month If you bring your own lunch due to allergies or other circumstances, you will be charged 4,000 yen for lunch management fee.
For pick-up after 7:00 p.m. 1,000 yen/10 min. at all such times Please be punctual.
Shuttle bus fare 9,000 yen/month End of previous month Pre-registration is required.
Equipment fee *From the 2nd year 125,000 yen/year Once a year, around March From the second year of enrollment

*The above fees are subject to change without notice. Fees for event participation will be collected separately at the time of the annual event.ISN asks parents to cooperate with work and bring items on an elective basis. Please understand this in advance.