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Nakano Shooting stars: People around us

In our second line of inquiry (LOI), we will explore the people around us in our school. This week, we were fortunate to have firefighters from the city visit us. They came to the school and taught us how to evacuate in case of a fire. We also learned how to use a fire extinguisher. They are our school helpers.

2回目のLOI(Line of Question)では、学校の周りにいる人たちを探求します。今週、幸運にも市から消防士さんが来てくれました。消防士さんたちは学校に来てくださり、火事の際の避難の仕方を教えてくださいました。また、消火器の使い方も学びました。彼らは私たちの学校のヘルパーです。

This week, we also decorated and created a new house for John, our male beetle. We learned how to set up a safe environment for a beetle. We started by preparing a spacious insect case, added a beetle mat, decorated it with tree branches, and finally provided beetle jelly.


We further expanded our self-learning by having each student record their findings on pieces of paper. Through this inquiry, we have gained a deeper understanding of ourselves.


We also spent some time painting, focusing on creativity rather than worrying about getting dirty.


We also learned about the letters H, I, and J in our phonics lesson. Videos for home revision have been attached.

フォニックスのレッスンでは、H、I、J の文字についても学びました。家庭で復習するためのビデオを添付しました。