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Nakano Shooting stars: Know more about myself

We are currently in the “Finding Out” stage, where our student is exploring what makes her happy. She brought various items from home to school for show and tell. During the lesson, we asked her different questions about these items to understand what brings her joy.

現在、私たちは “発見 “の段階です。生徒が自分にとって何が幸せかを探求しています。生徒は、家にあるいろいろなものを学校に持ってきて、それを見せて、話しての時間で説明してくれました。レッスンの間、生徒の喜びを理解するために、これらの品物について様々な質問をしました。

This week’s craft is paper marche art, guess what is she making?


For this week’s music lesson, we learned about the basic components of a piano. Our student also tried to play the basic keys that goes “C,D,E”.


Good news! John the beetle have finally emerged and came out from the pupa this week. Welcome to Shooting stars, John! Let’s create fun memories together.


We learned about the sound of “D, E, and F” for phonics lesson this week. Below are the videos for practice at home.

今週はフォニックスのレッスンで「D, E, F」の音について学びました。以下は家庭で練習するためのビデオです。

Thank you and see you again!