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Nakano Shooting stars: What make us happy?

We had our first inquiry from the kid, which is …


Therefore, we were able to move on to the next stage of the inquiry cycle, which is “finding out.” Our student engaged in various activities and decided to focus on what would make her happy this week. Additionally, she went home to gather items that could aid her inquiry, bringing toys from home to share with her teachers during show and tell.

そこで、探究サイクルの次の段階、 “発見 “に進むことができました。今週は様々な活動に取り組み、何が自分を幸せにしてくれるかに焦点を当てることに。さらに、探求心を支える物、おもちゃを家から持ってきて、見せてお話して、の時間に先生と共有しました。

Storytelling time at Hublic, Nakano this week.


What a surprise! We had a special guest this week—Flurry and Jumpy. It’s a bunny named Oliver! He was here to bring us happiness. We also learned how to care for a rabbit’s well-being and had a fantastic time together. See you again, Oliver!


We have learned about A, B and C and its sound this month. These are the videos that we have used during the lessons, please watch them at home with your child to reinforce their learning.


See you next week~! The weather is getting hotter lately so we decided to spend time at the school well and cool ourselves down. Stay hydrated everyone!