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ISN Nakano: Welcome to our school!

It’s our honor and pleasure to announce that ISN Nakano campus have officially opened for this year of 2024.


This week, we joyfully welcomed a new member to our ISN family during the welcome ceremony! Our principal read a book titled “Children Around the World,” teaching us that while every child is unique, we share many similarities across the globe. This understanding will pave the way for greater international-mindedness and open up more opportunities worldwide.

今週の歓迎セレモニーでは、ISNファミリーに新しいメンバーが加わりました!校長先生が 「Children Around the World 」という本を読んでくださり、子どもたちは一人ひとり違うけれど、世界には共通点がたくさんあることを教えてくださいました。この理解は、国際感覚を養い、より多くの機会を世界に広げる道を開くでしょう。

This week, we got to know each other better and strengthened the bond between teachers, students, and parents. We reviewed the students’ findings and discussed ways to incorporate them into our learning.


Thank you for reading the blog this week, see you next week! 今週のブログをお読み頂き、ありがとうございます、来週もよろしくお願いします!