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ISN Nakano: Adapting to the new environment!

This was our second week of school! We immediately welcomed a new “friend,” a soon-to-be beetle! Currently, it’s in a cocoon, requiring our patience as it transforms into an adult beetle. We decided to make a house for the cocoon and take care of it until it emerges. We’ve named it “John,” and it’s a male Japanese rhinoceros beetle.

学校が始まって2週目です!もうすぐカブトムシになる新しい “友達”、を迎えました!今は繭の中にいて、カブトムシの成虫になるまでの辛抱です。私たちは繭の家を作り、出てくるまで面倒を見ることにしました。このカブトムシには、「ジョン」と名前を付けました。

Our first inquiry of this unit is “Who am I?” Through various activities, our student learned about herself, including her age, birthday, interests, family, favorite shapes, animals, fruits, and more. To gather more information, we practiced conducting interviews and asking questions using What, Why, Who, When, Where, and How.

このユニットの最初の課題は、”Who am I? “です。様々な活動を通して、生徒たちは自分の年齢、誕生日、興味、家族、好きな形、動物、果物など、自分自身について学びました。さらに情報を集めるために、What(何を)、Why(なぜ)、Who(誰が)、When(いつ)、Where(どこで)、How(どのように)を使ってインタビューや質問をする練習をしました。

This week, we also learned how to plant flowers around the school.


Additionally, our student decorated a wall with a tree she observed in the school area.


This week, we welcomed elementary students from the Nagano campus to visit our class. We had fun and made new friends from ISN.


That’s all for this week, see you soon!

今週は以上です! またお会いしましょう。